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Marking pallets quickly and easy

23. February 2022 // Werner Schicks

We believe every pallet manufacturer can digitize their labeling.

We know the problems with pallet labeling and solve them with a complete pallet printing package certified by EPAL. It consists of 2 print heads, each with a print height of 100mm, a controller with a touch display and a central ink supply.

By printing on pallets, you replace outdated branding with a system that gives you the best printing results at low cost.

Reduce your labeling costs by 50% and more. The printer is ready for use as soon as your production line is started.

The razor-sharp printed image gives your pallets the perfect look. Print logos, variable data and codes, even in small batches, without lengthy changeovers.

Fulfill all customer requests regarding pallet labelling.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Together we analyze your existing pallet labeling.
  2. We install our complete solution.
  3. You save time and money in your labeling process.

PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG is very satisfied with our pallet labeling solution.

“In the past, the markings on our pallets were often hard to read and we had a lot of rejects. Using Diagraph, every pallet gets a perfect printed image and we were able to reduce our labeling costs by 50%.” Ingo Mönke, CEO of PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG

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Printing of pallets at Paletten-Service Hamburg AG

Learn more about printing on pallets here.

Digitize your pallet labeling and impress your customers.

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