Pharmaceutical labels and marking

Security through counterfeit protection and print quality

Labeled medical products and medicines that are held in the hand and printed with thermal inkjet technology.

Marking in the pharmaceutical industry by printing or pharmaceutical labels allows to mark pharmaceutical products, drug packages, containers as well as numerous elements of hospital supplies in accordance with regulations.

Because the health of patients is directly at stake, the information on the labels or packaging of pharmaceutical products must be easily legible and permanently recognizable.

No other industry requires such high-quality labels. This is because the imprint contains key information such as ingredients, expiration dates, dosage and allergy information. Correctly labeled pharmaceutical products also prevent counterfeiting.

Diagraph carries the necessary pharmaceutical technology: our label printers enable you to apply the prescribed information unambiguously, tamper-proof and permanently by means of perfect coding.

Possibilities/distinctions in pharmaceutical label printing

In terms of customer confidence, the correct application and labeling of pharmaceutical labels plays an enormous role:

Reputable suppliers therefore ensure that information such as application instructions, product characteristics, ingredients, barcodes or the batch number are labeled in a legible and forgery-proof manner over the long term. As a result, the smallest labels in the pharmaceutical industry have to be printed with a great deal of information.

When it comes to producing pharmaceutical labels, label printers from Diagraph offer first-class quality.

Perfect marking for more safety

Counterfeit products in the market cause sales losses?

New legal requirements must be met?

Poorly labeled goods are unsaleable?

With our help you will inspire your customers, illegibly marked goods will be a thing of the past.

Pharma Technology:
Label printer for pharmaceutical labels

Thermal transfer printer:

NGT Series printers are designed for durable print results and crisp print images, and are ideal for creating pharmaceutical labels. The models score with high clock rates and serialization.

Hot stamp:

The analog coding system for industry scores with its robust character. It is suitable for fast applications and performs up to 800 prints per minute.

Continuous Inkjet:

the proven inkjet technology for industrial product marking - ideal for small fonts at high speeds and quantities.

large character printer

large texts, logos and barcodes up to a character height of 100 mm. Optimal printing for absorbent packaging such as wood or cardboard.

Close-up view of pharmaceutical packaging printed with hot stamping

Manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly fighting against counterfeit products.

With Diagraph coding and marking systems, you can print legible data matrix codes for product traceability, even at high cycle rates.

With perfect coding, you and your customers are on the tamper-proof side.

Advantages of our offers

High quality and durable readable pharmaceutical labels.

Perfect labeling for greater patient safety and anti-counterfeiting.

High resolution and razor sharp font.

Compliance with all legal requirements for product labeling.

Profitability - higher sales rate of optimally marked goods.

No waste due to perfect print quality - even at high line speeds

For 125 years we have been helping our customers to mark perfectly

Are you looking for solutions for changing high-quality print images on small and large surfaces?

We know the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and install a marking solution for pharmaceutical labels and closure labels that always works reliably.

With over 125 years of experience, Diagraph guarantees economical digital printing of high optical quality. As a competent specialist for product marking, we always carry the right device - also for your application.

Print results

In the pharmaceutical industry, all printing technologies are used for product and packaging labeling. You can see some examples here:

Use cases in the pharmaceutical industry

In hospitals as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical labels and stickers are used in various situations:

To be mentioned are:

Drug labeling / legally compliant product labeling

Packaging labeling/
Packaging labeling

Security labels

Selection of relevant regulations

Richtlinie 2011/62/EU (aktiv)• Gültig seit dem 01.01.2018
• Regelt sicherheitsrelevante Etiketten-Anforderungen und Verpackungsmerkmale
Richtlinie 2011/62/EU (beschlossen)• Verabschiedet 2011/2012
• Sieben Jahre Zeit zur Umsetzung
• Reaktion auf zunehmende Fälschung von Medikamenten mit gefährlichen Dosierungen und minderwertigen Wirkstoffen
EMA (Europäische Arzneimittel-Agentur) /CVMP/205/04: „Guideline on Plastic Immediate Packaging Materials“• Gültig seit 2005
• Verordnung regelt Anforderungen für migrationssichere Materialien
FDA (US-amerikanische Behörde für Lebensmittel- und Arzneimittelsicherheit): „Guidance on Container Closure Systems for Packaging Human Drugs and Biologics“• Gültig seit 1999
• Verordnung regelt Anforderungen für migrationssichere Materialien

Application in practice

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Printing labels in the pharmaceutical industry

The smallest labels in the pharmaceutical industry have to be printed with a great deal of information. This includes texts and variable data as well as QR codes.

The NGT series printers are designed for the best printing results and razor-sharp print images. They master this task permanently and reliably.

What our customers say


Diagraph was the only supplier that gave us the print image
could realize in this size and sharpness

Simone Mayer, project manager in the development department at the
Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG

octapharma logo

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very good performance of your service department.

Despite the very late order by us, the printer was repaired so quickly that it was at our house on time 08:30.

Many thanks for this also to your employees!

Thomas Braun, Head of Toolsetters, Octapharma, Dessau-Roßlau

hsg logo Gravity V06 RZ 4c

The commissioning of the printer went smoothly. After the installation, the system was immediately ready for use.

The NGT2+ runs very robustly. Except for ribbon changes, there is no downtime.

Philipp Tepper, Head of Stickpack Production at Hahn-Schickard, Freiburg, Germany

Three steps to perfect labeling


Contact us

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Find a solution

You get a complete solution tailored to your needs, comprising labeling systems, software, networking and consumables.



You can work comfortably –
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In no other industry is correct labeling as important as in the pharmaceutical industry. This is because the product, its use and the recommended dosage have a direct impact on the health or well-being of the person taking it. Pharmaceutical ingredients initiate internal body processes that are intended to improve the patient's/client's condition, e.g. in the form of pain reduction or relaxation. They also provide the customer with easy-to-read instructions on use, dosage and shelf life. With transparent information, pharmaceutical labels contribute to correct application, counterfeit protection and thus, in summary, consumer protection.


Your products are protected against counterfeiting by codes and can be tracked seamlessly.

They meet all legal requirements for product labeling.

Because of the perfect print quality - even at high line speeds - there is no more waste.

Coding made simple

We are the experts in our field.
We always think one step ahead and solve problems before they arise to make it as easy as possible for our customers to reliably mark their products.
With us, every customer reaches a contact person directly who takes care of their concerns, asks the right questions and thus finds the right answer.
So that everything is simple and straightforward for our customers.



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