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Control Software & Print Image Design

a:control - easy control and monitoring of printers

A:design2 - easy and intuitive print image design

The free control software

a:control is a software for operating, configuring and monitoring your Diagraph thermal transfer printers. You can also define user groups with rights and corresponding passwords in a:control.

Up to 10 thermal transfer printing systems of the NGT, XL and MLi series can be integrated. Cloning of printers including print images and network settings is also very easy.

The thermal transfer printer software has an integrated data backup. Print images, printer parameters and network configuration settings are always saved via a backup function. The status and settings of the printers are permanently monitored and documented in a LOG file.

To facilitate operation, the help function provides detailed status messages and suggests solutions. TeamViewer is also integrated for remote maintenance by our support.

Easy operation

Easy setup

Easy monitoring


All information at a glance.

The free print image design program from Diagraph

a:design2 is Diagraph's label printer design software that allows you to create and print your print images easily and intuitively.

With a:design2 you can create a layout of text fields, barcode fields (1D, 2D), lines and graphics in no time. It goes without saying that it offers real "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get).

a:design enables the easy use of different variables (e.g. date, time, global, input or counter variables) and their linking using formulas. As with the handling of printer-internal fonts and barcodes, they are adapted to the functions of the Diagraph printing systems. A wizard helps to create complex GS-1 codes. Database connection and PDF import round off the range of functions.

a:design2 is suitable for offline operation and operation in a network, and can be directly connected to printing systems. The program is designed for use with external operating devices and programs such as TOUCH PRO as well as a:control.

a:design2 is tailored to the functions of Diagraph's thermal transfer printing systems and is continuously updated. All current NGT and XL series printing systems are supported. The same goes for printers with a Windows driver available.

Print image design made easy

Simple creation of variables and codes

Adapted to the Diagraph printing systems


All information at a glance.

Use our expertise

Consultation: We can advise you on the selection of suitable modules for your applications. We will be happy to help you integrate your existing applications into a new overall system.

Analysis: We can advise you on the inventory of printing systems used in your production as well as on options for networking your systems, and will be happy to implement solutions for you.

Design: We can offer comprehensive design services for your labels and print images, as well as support in the integration of e.g. new code and label standards

Configuration: We can program and configure your individual production solution - and can also integrate your future labeling system into your existing database.

Training: We will be happy to train you in the use of all our software systems and the use of NiceLabel as an overall concept for your labeling solutions.

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