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Continuous Inkjet Hitachi RX2

The Hitachi RX2 series is the flexible solution for demanding Continuous Inkjet printing. The RX2 is a basic device with two expansion stages and open ink tanks - giving you full flexibility with your printing application.

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Hitachi RX2 - full flexibility

A printer with multiple expansion stages

The Hitachi RX2 series is the counterpart to the UX series and offers the user the possibility to start small and expand big - if desired. The series consists of one printer model, which can be expanded with several functions in two expansion stages. All according to your needs.

You require different printing functions for different product labeling with Continuous Inkjet? Then the RX2 series is the right choice for you.

Hitachi RX2
Hitachi RX2 open
Hitachi RX2 print head
Hitachi RX2 printhead

Open ink tank system

Durable Hitachi RX2 printhead

Easy-to-use display

Product advantages

Hitachi RX2

Continuous Inkjet printing made easy

NiceLabel driver - full connectivity

Durable housing

Simple maintenance, full spare parts availability

Durable printhead

Complete Hitachi ink product range

Low solvent consumption

Special shapes available (6 m hose, 90° printhead)

What our customers say

popp logo

We have been using Hitachi Inkjet printers for labeling for years and are fully satisfied.
With Diagraph, I am particularly impressed by the competent and reliable service.

Victor Jimenez Bernat, Technical Manager at Popp Feinkost GmbH

Schulte Logo

With Diagraph, I am particularly impressed by the fast service and speedy delivery,

not to mention the excellent printing quality of the Hitachi printers.

Jürgen Albers, Team Leader Electrical Engineering/Mechanics, Conrad Schulte GmbH & Co.KG, Rietberg

herbthäuser logo

With our old printer, we kept getting misprints with missing characters or smudged imprints.

Since we have been using the Hitachi printer, the imprints of the best-before date and lot number are always excellent.

Markus Lutz, Technical Manager, Herbsthäuser Brewery, Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Hitachi CIJ print examples

The Hitachi Continuous Inkjet is very popular in the industry - and with good reason. You can see some examples here:

Frequently asked questions regarding the Hitachi UX series

Do you have further questions? Find more information here.

Is the Continuous Inkjet technology right for my application?

Continuous Inkjet printing is geared toward product labeling in high volume and at high speed with minimum ink consumption.

The CIJ print appears "dotted" as individual drops are printed next to each other at visible distances for efficient labeling. CIJ printing is mainly about content.

If efficiency is your main concern with the final printed image, CIJ printing and therefore Hitachi devices are the right choice for you.

If you prefer larger> (20 mm print height) prints with appealing fonts and logos on your products, feel free to take a look at our other products to find the right technology for your application.

Which expansion stage of the RX2 is the right one for my application?

A Hitachi RX2 is available in the following expansion stages:

RX2 SL0: The "Solution Level 0" variant has no upgrade key and offers the basic functions of the RX2.

RX2 SL1: The "Solution Level 1" variant has one upgrade key and offers the expanded functions of the RX2.

RX2 SL2: The "Solution Level 2" variant has two upgrade keys and offers the full functionality of the RX2.

The functional scopes are listed in the table below.

Expansion with separately available upgrade keys is possible at any time - e.g.: Upgrade of a RX2 SL0 to SL1 (reorder: 1 upgrade key) or SL2 (reorder: 2 upgrade keys) or of a RX2 SL1 to SL2 (reorder: 1 upgrade key).

What else do I need for printing with my Hitachi RX2?

Ink and solvents

The Hitachi RX2 requires ink and solvents, which can be easily filled into the open containers of the device.

We will be happy to assist you in the selection of inks and solvents. Contact us to clarify the details of your printing application.

Equipment and accessories

In order to be able to install the printhead on your production line according to your requirements, we offer suitable attachments which are fitted during installation and start-up of the printer. We will be happy to advise you in this matter.

Are there any other variants of the Hitachi RX2?

Yes. An RX2 printer can be ordered in two other variants.

Variant 1: 4 m hose (Hitachi standard) with 90° angled compact printhead for special installation situations.

Variant 2: 6 m hose with straight printhead (Hitachi standard) for particularly long distances between device and product.

I am already using CIJ devices from other manufacturers - why should I switch to a Hitachi RX2?

Hitachi Continuous Inkjet printers have a long history in the industry. The Hitachi RX2 series offers flexible functions for efficient product labeling based on over 40 years of industry experience.

With the Hitachi RX2 series, you not only benefit from modern industry standards, but also from the advantages of excellent Japanese engineering, which is characterized by absolute durability, easy maintenance and precision.

Contact us to receive a non-binding offer for your new Hitachi RX2.

Can I see the quality of the Hitachi RX2 for myself?

Diagraph offers you many options.

You want to see the CIJ print on your product, feel it and get an idea of the final result? No problem! Get in touch with us and request a non-binding sample print for your product.

You would like to test the CIJ printer? Also not a problem! Get in touch with us and make an appointment either at our or your premises to see the device up close.

You want to try out the printer under real conditions? Schedule a trial period to install the device directly on your production line before you decide on a purchase.

What happens after I decide to purchase a Hitachi RX2 model from Diagraph?

You have received a quotation for the printer, consumables and accessories and have decided to make a purchase after consulting with your personal Diagraph representative.

You will be contacted by our technical service no later than the following day so that we can arrange an installation date with you.

You will receive the products as requested before or on the agreed installation date. During the appointment, the service technician will install the device on the production line and put it into operation. After receiving instructions, you will be able to operate the device without any problems.

Data (general) RX2
SpeedUp to 180 m/min
Consumption (20°C)Approx. 5 ml/h (solvent)
LinesUp to 5
CharactersUp to 1000
Character height2 - 10 mm
Protection categoryIP55
Data (Solution Level*) SL0 SL1 SL2
Expansion stageSolution Level 0Solution Level 1Solution Level 2
SpeedUp to 90 m/minUp to 180 m/min possible*Up to 180 m/min
LinesUp to 3Up to 5 possible*Up to 5
CharactersUp to 240Up to 1000 possible*Up to 1000
Special functions1D/2D codes, time / counter / calendar1D/2D codes, time / counter / calendar, shift code*1D/2D codes, time / counter / calendar, shift code
MemoryUp to 300 print images / 240 charactersUp to 2000 print images / 1000 characters possible*Up to 2000 print images / 1000 characters

*Functions can be enabled in several steps as required. A selection can be made between speed (2 steps), number of lines (2 steps), number of characters (1 step) and selection of special functions (1 step). For Solution Level 1 (1 upgrade key), 4 steps can be selected. With Solution Level 2 (2 upgrade keys), all functions of the device can be enabled.


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