Continuous Inkjet Hitachi UX2

Hitachi's UX2 Series is designed to handle all the demands of digitized marking.

The high-end model impresses with its ease of use, continuous availability and comprehensive connectivity.

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Hitachi UX2 - the high-end model

The new Hitachi UX2 Continuous Inkjet is the line component that simply runs. A wide range of new features reduces downtime to a minimum.

The improved print head eliminates contamination. A capture electrode ensures that you continue printing continuously, and in the best quality.

The safe-clean station ensures that your CIJ is permanently available, even after breaks, shift changes, weekends or longer shutdowns.

Hitachi UX2 068
hitachi ux2

Speed and quality for Industry 4.0

The Hitachi UX2 marks in even higher quality type and consistently high quality thanks to an improved printing algorithm.

The new high-speed printhead enables 1- and 2-line applications in optimum quality at speeds of up to 330 m/min.

A wide range of interfaces and communication protocols make the UX2 fit for Industry 4. (Ethernet, RS232 / Modbus, Ethernet/IP, OPC/UA).

In addition, the UX2 is fully compatible with Nicelabel - for integrating your new UX2 into your networked production.


Hitachi's new user interface saves you time in training your employees.

By integrating videos to explain specific functions, you'll learn how to use them in no time.

UX2 Filter Replacement2
Hitachi UX2 050


Due to the length of the hoses of 4 m of both the printer and the Safe-Clean- Station you are flexible in the integration into your plant.

Product advantages

Hitachi UX2

Always available

Display with explanatory videos on operation and service

Ready for Industry 4.0

High-speed print head

Printhead cleaning station

Nicelabel driver - full connectivity

Housing IP65 protected

Robust components

Complete Hitachi ink portfolio

Low solvent consumption

What our customers say

popp logo

We have been marking with Hitachi inkjet printers for years and are completely satisfied.
With Diagraph, I am particularly impressed by the competent and reliable service.

Victor Jimenez Bernat, Technical Manager at Popp Feinkost GmbH

Schulte Logo

With Diagraph, I am particularly impressed by the fast service and prompt delivery.

In addition, the quality of Hitachi printers is just right.

Jürgen Albers, Team Leader Electrical Engineering/Mechanics, Conrad Schulte GmbH & Co.KG, Rietberg

herbthäuser logo

With our old printer, we kept getting misprints with missing characters or smudged imprints.

Since we started using the Hitachi printer, the imprints of the best-before date and lot number have always been excellent.

Markus Lutz, Technical Manager, Herbsthäuser Brewery, Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Video: The new UX2

hitachi ux2
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The new high-end printer from Hitachi

The new Hitachi UX2 combines innovation with the reliability customers have come to expect from Hitachi continuous inkjet printers. It convinces with easy operation, highest availability and comprehensive connectivity.

Video: The new Safe Clean Station
No dried ink - no downtime

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The Safe Clean Station

Thanks to the new printhead cleaning station, the printer starts up immediately with the best print quality, even after long downtimes. Problems with dried ink are a thing of the past. The Hitachi UX2 is ready to print immediately and always available.

Print examples Hitachi CIJ

Hitachi Continuous Inkjet is widely used in the industry - and not without reason. You can see some examples here:

Hitachi UX2 Series Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have further questions? Here you can find more details.

Is continuous inkjet technology right for my application?

Continuous inkjet printing is designed to produce high volume, high speed product marking with minimal ink consumption.

The appearance of a CIJ print is "dotted" as individual drops are printed next to each other at visible distances for efficient marking. CIJ printing is mainly about content.

If efficiency is your main concern with the final printed image, CIJ printing and therefore Hitachi equipment is the right choice for you.

If you would like to see larger (> 20 mm print height) prints with appealing fonts and logos on your products, feel free to look around our other product portfolio for the right technology for you.

Which expansion stage of the UX2 is the right one for my application?

You can get a Hitachi UX2 in the following configuration levels:

UX2 SL0: The "Solution Level 0" variant has no upgrade key and offers the basic functions of the RX2.

UX2 SL2: The "Solution Level 2" variant has an upgrade key and offers the full functionality of the UX2.

The functional scopes are listed in the table below.

What else do I need to run my Hitachi UX2?

Ink and solvent

The Hitachi UX2 requires ink and solvent, which are available as cartridges.

Of course, we will be happy to assist you in the selection of inks and solvents. Contact us to clarify the details of your printing.

Devices and accessories

In order to be able to install the printhead on the production line according to your requirements, we have suitable fixtures in our program, which are installed at the same time as the printer is installed and commissioned. Let us advise you.

Are there any other variants of the Hitachi UX2?

Yes. You can order a UX2 printer in two hose lengths - you can choose between 4 m (standard) and 6 m here. Furthermore, it is possible to operate your UX2 as a high-speed model. An upgrade kit for your printhead is available here.

I already have CIJ devices from other manufacturers in use - why should I switch to Hitachi UX2?

Hitachi's UX2 continuous inkjet printer is the latest generation from the traditional Japanese manufacturer.

All the know-how from over 40 years of CIJ history is incorporated into Hitachi's high-end model. Thus, exactly those points are fulfilled that the labeling requires in your production:

  • Full compatibility with other components and machines
  • maximum availability due to very clean print head and automatic rinsing station (no drying)
  • Robust and uncomplicated maintenance (spare parts available as individual parts at any time)

Talk to us about your exact requirements - we are sure that the new UX2 will meet them.

How can I convince myself "live" of the quality of the Hitachi UX2?

There are many options here at Diagraph.

You would like to see your CIJ print on your product, touch it and get an idea of the later result? No problem - feel free to contact us and request a no-obligation sample print on your product.

You would like to test the CIJ printer? No problem either - contact us and make an appointment at our or your premises to get to know the device from all sides.

You want the real scenario? Feel free to arrange a test period to install the device directly on your production line before you decide to purchase.

What happens after I decide to buy a Hitachi UX2 model from Diagraph?

You have received a quote for printers, supplies and accessories and decide to purchase by consulting with your personal Diagraph representative.

You will be contacted by our technical service no later than the following day so that we can arrange an installation appointment with you.

You will receive the products as requested before or on the agreed installation date. At the appointment, the service technician integrates the device into your line and puts it into operation. After personal instruction, you can operate the device without any problems.

Daten (allgemein) UX2
Geschwindigkeitbis zu 330 m/min
Verbrauch (20°C)ca. 3,5 ml/h (Solvent)
Zeilenbis zu 6
Zeichenbis zu 1000
Zeichenhöhe2 - 10 mm
Daten (nach Ausbaustufe)* UX2-D160 (SL0)* UX2-D160 (SL1)*
AusbaustufeSolution Level 0Solution Level 1
Geschwindigkeitbis zu 200 m/minbis zu 330 m/min möglich*
Zeichenbis zu 240bis zu 1000

The standard hose length is 4 m.

*UX2-D160 can be operated without (SL0) and with (SL1) Upgrade Key - this can be retrofitted at any time. An Upgrade Key unlocks extended functions (see table).


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