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Hot Foil Coder Allen S-Compact

Proven for decades.
Countless satisfied customers.
Designed for maximum throughput.
Reliable operation, even under the toughest conditions.

The best hot foil coding system on the market.

Hot Foil Coder Allen S-Compact

Reliable and robust

Since the introduction of mandatory labelling on packaging, hot foil coding systems have been a well-established solution. Day in and day out, the S-Compact systems demonstrate that they are well-engineered, reliable and robust even at the highest throughput.
They are particularly suitable for marking tasks where the print content rarely changes. To this day, hot foil coders are the ideal solution for printing a date or an image. The result is printed images of the highest quality at low cost.

Hot Foil Coder
Print example of Allen S-Compact

Product benefits

Allen S-Compact

Robust and reliable

No software required

Stamping without ribbon

Very high throughput possible

Printing area up to 50 x 30 mm

Best printing quality

The advantages of hot foil coders

Compared to thermal transfer printers

  • The hot foil coder delivers a consistent print quality at very high speeds (up to 800 prints/minute).
  • The hot foil coder consists mainly of mechanical components, which makes service and maintenance easy.
  • A hot foil coder is exceptionally robust and in practice it is economical to repair it.
  • High-quality application thanks to the printed image, which is made up of hardened steel engravings. The ideal application is when the print image needs to be changed occasionally — e.g. the recycling symbol or the green dot.
  • Longer set-up times compared to thermal transfer printers can be compensated by using an additional change magazine and change type holder. This can significantly reduce the duration of changes to the layout of the print image or colour foil changes.
  • Problem-free printing on several different materials.
  • The print image can also be embossed into the product (depending on the surface hardness of the material). This increases process reliability and can also be used as the only coding without a colour ribbon.

At a glance

Why choose the Allen S-Compact?

Hot foil coders are particularly suitable for high printing rates and fixed print images

They are cheap to buy, inexpensive to maintain and very robust

As with other devices, the technology should be understood at least fundamentally in order to ensure ideal use

Print examples of Allen S-Compact

In industry, hot foil coders are used for labelling with fixed data or graphics. Blind embossing without ribbon is also possible. You can see some examples here:

This is what our customers have to say

Reichle bakery logo

We have been using the Allen hot stamper in our bakery since 2001 and it has never malfunctioned.
Recently, it had to be repaired and I got a rental unit within a day.
I loved the prompt help!

Armin Reichle, Reichle Bakery, Bietigheim

Frequently asked questions about Allen S-Compact

Still have questions? You can find more detailed information here.

Is the Allen S-Compact the right printing system for my use?

You need a system to label your products where the print content changes rarely, e.g., once a day. This system should be easy to use, work reliably and should be cheap.

The hot foil coding technology is ideal if your application runs in a cyclical manner and the system prints on a foil, a label or a similar flat product.

How is the printed image created with a hot foil coder?

Our hot foil coding systems work with type holders on which the text or graphic to be printed is set using types or graphics are set using clichés or engravings.

This type holder is heated in the printing system and pressed against the surface to be printed by a pneumatic cylinder for printing. Pressure and heat transfer the colour to the product from the colour foil located between the type holder and the product.

What do I need to deploy an Allen S-Compact in my application?

In order to integrate an Allen S-Compact printing system in your application, you need a holder with a counter-printing plate in addition to the hot foil coding printing system itself. A 230V and a pneumatic connection are required to operate the printer.

For the desired imprint you need type holders and types for text or numbers, or clichés with the required graphics.

For printing you need colour foils, which we offer in different colours and widths to match your print.

How can I see for myself the quality of Allen S-Compact in action?

There are several ways to do this with Diagraph.

Would you like to see and touch the Allen S-Compact print on your product and get an idea of the subsequent result? No problem - feel free to contact us and request a non-binding example print on your product.

Would you like to test the Allen S-Compact printer? No problem either - contact us and schedule an appointment at our facility or your premises to get to know all aspects of the device.

You want the actual scenario? Please feel free to install the device directly on your production line for an evaluation period before you decide to buy it.

What happens after I decide to buy an Allen S-Compact?

You have received an offer for printers, consumables and accessories and have decided to purchase after consulting your dedicated contact person at Diagraph.

Our technical service department will contact you latest by the next day to arrange an installation date and time with you.

You can get the products before or on the agreed installation date, as required. At this appointed date, the service technician will integrate the device into your production line and commission it. After a personalized training, you can operate the device without any problems.

Technical data

Data Allen S-Compact
Printing areamax. 50 x 30 mm
Print capacityUp to 800 prints/min.
Print time0.01 – 1.0 Sec. (In steps of one millisecond)
Dimensions (height x width x depth)200 x 198 x 142 mm
Colour folio measurementsMaximum width 52mm; Maximum length 305 m; Maximum diameter. 96mm
Temperature (variable)70°C - 210°C
Compressed air consumptionmax. 72 l/min
Power supply110 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Signal input and outputPressure signal, ribbon end, ribbon end pre-warning, digital temperature control

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