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Print & apply labeler PA7100

Do you want to have all the benefits of all-electric labeling and print labels in-house? The PA7100 all-in-one print & apply labeler is reliable and flexible.

Print & apply labeler - Flexible and reliable labeling

PA7100 - reliable printing and labeling

The PA7100 is a print & apply labeler that reliably prints and applies labels to your products in a single step. A wide range of different applicators makes it possible to apply labels to one side, to two sides or even corner-wrap of a product. The PA7100 is fully controlled by electric servo motors, allowing reliable and extremely precise labeling. All settings are made via the integrated touch control panel.


One control unit - many possibilities

Operate your printing system with the TouchPro control. We have a solution for any application, whether with our standard operating software or a user interface adapted to your needs. This allows connecting different printing systems and enabling different functions. The connection of a database or various interfaces can also be implemented.

Get in touch with us about the possibilities for your application.

The right applicator arm for any labeling task

Linear applicator stamp - TAMP

The TAMP is the standard applicator arm and is used very frequently. It can be used for product labeling. Labels can be applied either to the top, bottom or side of a product.

The label is applied by a linear movement. To suit your application, we offer the TAMP with varying maximum strokes between 125 mm and 750 mm.

Using integrated sensors, the TAMP can detect the product surface and automatically respond to products of different sizes. This increases flexibility and reliability and reduces the complexity of labeling.

The applicator arm is driven by a servo motor. This allows large application speeds, accurate and consistent positioning, as well as easy adjustment via the integrated touch control panel.

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On two sides - FASA

This applicator arm, which applies labels with a pivoting motion, can label any side of a product.

In addition, it can apply two labels to two different sides of a product. For example, to the front and top; other combinations are also possible.

This module is also ideally suited for applying longer labels across corners.

The FASA applicator is available with different arm lengths, thus achieving different ranges and cycle rates. It is driven by servo motors and allows for high application speeds and accurate positioning.

On non-flat surfaces - HST

The movable HST pad enables applying labels to uneven surfaces. The labels are pressed onto the passing product with one side of the pad using a roller. During this process, only the roller is in contact with the product; the inclination of the pad allows to compensate for uneven surfaces.

The HST applicator is based on the TAMP applicator arm. It also applies labels with a linear movement.

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Corner Wrap Website

Corner-wrap - WASA

If you need to apply labels on the corner of a product, then the WASA applicator is the right choice for you.

This is a fully mechanical applicator for corner-wrapping. The WASA arm is positioned on the conveyor so that passing products are pushed against it. The labels are then applied across the corner of the products with an adjustable pressure.

Contactless - BLOW

For particularly pressure-sensitive products, we recommend the BLOW applicator system. It uses the TAMP, but instead of pressing the labels onto the products, it blows them on with a blast of air as the products pass by the applicator.

tamp blow quadrat

Product advantages

Print & apply labeler - PA7100


Sensors for monitoring the application process

Different label sizes possible

Settings can be saved for different products

Various applicator arms possible

Choice of Sato or Zebra print engines

Driven by servo motors

Different print modes - from print-on-demand to high speed printing

PA7100 application examples

In industrial applications, label applicators are used for labeling product packaging, cardboard boxes, and even for applying labels to pallets.

What our customers say


This is hands down the best device for us, we are very pleased with the print & apply labeler from Diagraph.

Dieter Dörken, Head of Small Packaging Department, Feldsaaten Freudenberger, Krefeld, Germany

Possible applications from practice

We take product labeling to the next level. Find yourself labeling with print & apply labelers

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Printing and applying labels in a dusty environments.

Printing and applying just-in-time labels.

PA7100 print & apply labelers from Diagraph make it possible to print and apply labels in one single step and in the right quantity. The data connection to the ERP system prevents labeling errors.

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The advantages of the PA7100 print & apply labeler

  • Easy start-up
  • High cycling rates
  • Sensors for process monitoring
  • Reliable labeling
  • Low operating costs

Frequently asked questions regarding print & apply labelers

Do you have further questions? Find more information here.

Is the PA7100 print & apply labeler right for my application?

The PA7100 is a lprint & apply labeler only that prints and applies labels to your products or packaging fully automatically. By printing the labels directly in the applicator system, you are able to respond flexibly to changing production quantities and product parameters, and apply individual labeling.

The label applicator is commonly used to apply labels directly on product packaging, on secondary packaging such (shipping boxes) or for labeling pallets, for example.

In which variants is the PA7100 available?

The main difference between the various PA7100 systems is the applicator used for applying labels. We offer a wide range of options for applying labels, from a linear applicator stamp to pivoting arms. The applicators are driven by servo motors, thus ensuring high speed and consistent accuracy.

The position of the label on different sides of the product is the main criterion for selecting the right applicator. For example, some systems allow labeling on one side, others on two sides of a product. Corner-wrap application is also possible with some systems.

We will be happy to advise you and check how your labeling requirements can be implemented.

How can I operate the PA7100?

The PA7100 print & apply labeler comes equipped with an integrated color touch panel. All settings can be made there. A diagnostic function for quick and easy troubleshooting is also provided. Print formats can be saved to the control panel in order to send them to the print engine.

To create or modify print images, you need the appropriate print image design software. This can be done either via a PC or the TouchPro control panel directly on your production line.

It is also possible to load print information automatically. This can be done for batch changes or individually for each product.

Get in touch with us and find a suitable solution for your application.

How can the PA7100 be integrated into my system?

Mechanical installation can be done either on a base with wheels for flexible use on multiple lines, on a fixed base, or even directly with your system.

The signal for initiating the printing and labeling process can be triggered by an integrated optical sensor, a sensor installed on the system, or even by a signal from your system.

What do I need to operate an PA7100 print & apply labeler?

For operation you require labels, a thermal transfer ribbon, a power connection and the appropriate printing formats.

I am currently printing my labels using a desktop label printer. Can I use the existing print images with the PA7100 print engine?

We offer the PA7100 with print engines from Sato or Zebra. If your current desktop label printer is also from one of these manufacturers, the format can generally be retained. Even if you use a different system, the print image can usually be converted using your print image design software and saved for the print engine.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

Technical data

Data PA7100
Printing methodThermal transfer or direct thermal printing
Printing systemSato or Zebra
Printing speedUp to 406 mm/s
Max. application speed120PPM; 90m/min
Print resolution203 / 305 sec
Max. Print area167 mm x 355 mm (width x length)
Min. label dimensions26 mm x 13 mm (width x length)
Max. label dimensions167 mm x 355 mm (width x length)
Label roll capacity355 mm (outer roll diameter), 76 mm (core diameter)
Max. color ribbon length600mm
Mains connection100 -240 VAC; 47 – 63 Hz; 3 – 6A
Ambient conditions5 - 40°; 15 - 85% RH; non-condensing
Dimensions787 mm x 660mm x 686 mm (W x H x D)
Weight55 kg print & apply labeler without base


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