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RCP Ranstadt impressed by Thermal Inkjet Diagraph TJ500

RCP Ranstadt has been offering individual solutions in the field of flexible packaging for customers in the detergent, personal care and food industries since 1953.

Inkjet printing replaces blind embossing on sachets

In 2019, Mr. Björn Ickes, Head of Application Egineering / R&D, was looking to replace blind embossing dies for marking sachets. In addition to devices from other manufacturers, the Thermal Inkjet TJ500 from Daigraph was also shortlisted. “With the TJ, we were particularly impressed by the cost-effectiveness and the low purchase price. We also wanted a device that could print light colors for marking dark packaging,” stresses Mr. Ickes. In addition, the ability to control multiple printheads with one control unit was a key factor for choosing Diagraph’s printer.

Diagraph TJ500 with high-contrast print image and fast batch changeover

The Thermal Inkjet printer offers significant advantages over blind embossing. For one thing, it creates legible, high-contrast prints on the packaging foil. Depending on the foil color, the corresponding ink can be inserted via the cartridge. Secondly, batch changeover now only takes one to two minutes, as opposed to 15 to 20 minutes with blind embossing. This saves time and boosts the capacity utilization of the filling lines.

Maintenance-free and easy to operate

“Our technicians who installed the printers on the line as well as the operators who set the print image directly via the control find the TJ very user-friendly,” emphasizes Mr. Ickes. The operation is simple and quick to learn. In addition, the TJ500 is completely maintenance-free, as the printhead is automatically replaced together with the cartridge.

Thermal Inkjet TJ500 in production

Three good reasons for the Diagraph TJ500 Thermal Inkjet

For Björn Ickes, there are three main reasons why they opted for the TJ500:
1. A comparatively low purchase price.
2. A large color selection for ink cartridges.
3. Simple installation and operation.
“We were looking for a cost-effective and flexible labeling solution for our production. We made an excellent choice with the TJ500,” says Björn Ickes.

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About RCP Ranstadt

RCP Ranstadt has been offering individual solutions in the field of flexible packaging for customers in the detergent, personal care and food industries at 3 locations in Germany and Belgium. With approximately 200 employees, the company generates a turnover of around 30 million euros per year.

Thanks to many years of experience and continuous product improvement, they are now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of single-use applications such as individually wrapped wet wipes, sachets and stand-up pouches. With state-of-the-art production facilities and over 60 packaging lines, RCP delivers the best quality in large quantities at competitive prices.

In recent years, the portfolio of products developed in-house has been continuously expanded. RCP is supplying renowned branded companies, retail chains and discounters under a manufacturer’s brand or private label.

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