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Hitachi UX2 hitachi ux2

Hitachi UX2

Hitachi’s UX2 Series is designed to handle all the demands of digitized marking.
The high-end model impresses with its ease of use, continuous availability and comprehensive connectivity.

Hitachi UX Series Side view of the Hitachi UX-D Continuous Inkjet Printer

Hitachi UX Series

Hitachi UX is the traditional manufacturer’s answer to contemporary requirements of the digital industry.

The device has the best marking quality and the usual precision in industrial applications. Nine different models range from entry-level to high-end.

Hitachi RX2 Side view of the Hitachi RX2 Continuous Inkjet Printer

Hitachi RX2

Hitachi RX2 is the ideal solution for a wide range of continuous inkjet product marking applications.

The flexible series consists of one printer model that can be expanded by several functions by means of two expansion stages. The offers are explicitly aimed at users with changing print volumes.


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