Mark wood

Reliably code wood

Wood marking in harsh environment

Reliable coding in adverse conditions

Where wood is processed, conditions are often harsh. Chips and dust contaminate the printing systems and make marking difficult.

Our marking systems function perfectly even under these conditions because they have been specially developed for industrial applications. Thanks to automatic cleaning functions, we always guarantee optimum print quality.

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Advantages of printing on wood

Simple and reliable marking on wood

Robust hardware

Automatic cleaning of the printhead

Stainless steel nozzle plate

Print images up to 100mm height

Suitable for dusty environment and temperature fluctuations

Printing of logos, codes and variable data

Network connection possible

Product images

For wood marking, mainly inkjet printing systems are used, here are some printing examples.

Diagraph printing systems are ideal for









Possible applications from practice

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Wood print

The Diagraph IJ4000 makes it easy to print on battens, squared timber or blocks. Logos, codes and variable data are possible.
Marking pallets or pallet blocks is also no problem.

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Replace branding iron and print pallets

In the marking of pallets, speed and maximum precision are of the essence. And it does so in a harsh environment for which most printers are not suited.

The IJ4000 masters this task to perfection.

What our customers say

Easyframe Logo
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Our EasyFrame marking saw leads the industry in providing layout information for wood components.

Thanks to our partner Diagraph, labeling works better than ever.

Coby Gifford, Co-Owner / Chief Technical Officer, Estiframe Technologies, Inc., USA

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In the past, the labeling on our pallets was often poorly legible and we had a lot of waste.

Since we started using Diagraph printers, every pallet gets a perfect print image and we have been able to reduce our costs in labeling by 50%.

Ingo Mönke, Chairman of the Board PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG

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