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Protection against counterfeit products


You are concerned because your customers are exposed to health risks from counterfeit products.

Counterfeit products in the market lead to lost sales.

It costs you a lot of time to meet new legal requirements.

Our goal is to ensure that your products are simply and reliably marked.

Manufacturers in the cosmetics industry are increasingly fighting against counterfeit products.
With Diagraph labeling systems, you can print legible codes that provide complete product traceability.
This way you protect your company from product pirates and your customers from possible health risks.


Your products are protected against counterfeiting by codes and can be fully traced.

They meet all legal requirements for product labeling.

Thanks to the high print quality - even at high line speeds - there are no more rejects.

For 125 years we have been helping our customers to mark perfectly

We help you to make your products counterfeit-proof.
We install a labeling solution that enables complete traceability.
We guarantee this with over 125 years of experience in the labeling industry.

What our customers say


The quality of ink transfer with this system ensures that we are able to add value to our packaging, which of course increases the attractiveness of our products.

Mr. Lemaire, Maintenance Manager, Sisley, Paris

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I can recommend the company and CIJ to all companies that want to improve their manufacturing processes quietly, smoothly and without much cost.

Diagraph's service was great and smooth. This was a great experience for us and we can already benefit from it on a daily basis.

John Malone, Managing Director, Excel (GS) Ltd, Daventry


Diagraph was very helpful and patient throughout the process and developed a solution that met our needs and budget.

Gordon Robertson, Operations Manager, ARRAN Sense of Scotland, Isle of Arran

Three steps to perfect labeling


Contact us

Our experts offer you competent advice.


Find a solution

You get a complete solution tailored to your needs, comprising labeling systems, software, networking and consumables.



You can work comfortably –
your system is running smoothly.

Your way to perfectly labeled products

At Diagraph, we know how important it is for a cosmetics manufacturer to be a reliable supplier.
We help you with simple and reliable marking solutions.
More and more counterfeit cosmetic products entering the market are causing you problems.

We are convinced that all products can be protected from counterfeiting. With our labeling solutions, your cosmetics are labeled in such a way that your products can be fully traced. We guarantee this with the experience of over 125 years in the labeling industry.

Three steps to perfect marking
1. we advise competently and personally.
2. we install a custom-fit labeling solution.
3. You delight your customers with tamper-proof marked products.

So make a consultation appointment right away!

Avoid future hassles due to counterfeit products and enjoy the security of perfectly marked products.

Print results

All printing technologies are used in the cosmetics industry.

You can see some printing examples here:

Download case study free of charge

This is what convinced RCP Ranstadt of the TJ500

  • The low purchase price
  • The wide color range of ink cartridges
  • The ease of installation and operation
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Coding made simple

We are the experts in our field.
We always think one step ahead and solve problems before they arise to make it as easy as possible for our customers to reliably mark their products.
With us, every customer reaches a contact person directly who takes care of their concerns, asks the right questions and thus finds the right answer.
So that everything is simple and straightforward for our customers.



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