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Large Character Inkjet Printer ResMark 5000

The ResMark 5000 sets new standards in packaging label digitalisation. Its perfect print images, maximum availability and sustainable structure make it an outstanding choice.

ResMark 5000 – for the very best in large character inkjet printing

Perfect print images

The ResMark 5000 is the perfect large character inkjet printer for industrial product labelling, able to produce labels with high-resolution printed images for absorbent and porous surfaces such as cardboard, plaster, cellulose or wood.

Its labels can also display text, codes and graphics with a print image height of up to 100 mm per print head (up to 8 print heads available) with a resolution of as much as 300 dpi.

All at a much lower cost than conventional labelling.

Nutraceutical 2 Small
MBP 0990

Maximum availability

The printer is ready to go as soon as it has been installed, so you can make a start on production right away. The ink recirculation system
consistently prevents bubbles from developing in the ink, ensuring that images are printed beautifully from the very start.

In dusty environments, the automatic rinsing function keeps the print head clean at all times so that the printed product comes out as crisp as possible.

Not only that, but the spring-back holder stops the print head from sustaining damage if it collides with a product.

The large throw distance of up to 12 mm significantly reduces the extent to which dust accumulates on the print head, maximising availability.

Sustainable structure

With durable components and ink free from mineral oil, the ResMark 5000 is a winning choice. Its Scan-Mark ink is certified for food industry applications and the empty ink cartridges can be simply disposed of along with general waste.

If the print head – which is made of stainless steel – needs to go for repair, it can simply be replaced with a backup system thanks to the patented bayonet catch. The print head is cleaned by us and can then be used again.

MBP 0999

Digitalised labelling

The printer retrieves the print images directly from the ERP system, a connected PC or an external controller.

A whole host of options are available for integrating the ResMark 5000 into your production line – including WiFi,

with the network connection established using Diagraph’s NextConnect software or directly using Loftware NiceLabel.

Get in touch with us to explore what options are available for your application. Our large character coder also makes it possible to create special solutions customised to meet the exact needs of your project. We can even advise you on barcode verification options.

Product benefits

Large Character Inkjet ResMark 5000

Ready to use immediately, with perfect printing results

More cost-effective than labelling

Print image height of up to 100 mm per print head

Up to 8 print heads, cascading

Mineral oil-free ink for an eco-friendly choice

Sustainable thanks to durable, repairable components

Durable print head with protection from spring-back holder

Throw distance of up to 12 mm

Automatic print head cleaning for maximum availability

Print heads are quick to swap out thanks to patented bayonet catch

Network connection via NiceLabel


Printing examples for Large Character Inkjet ResMark 5000

In industry, large character inkjets are often used for printing packaging labelling. You can see some examples here:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Large Character Inkjet ResMark 5000

Still have questions? You can find more detailed information here.

Does the Large Character Inkjet ResMark 5000 fit my application?

With the ResMark 5000, the first requirement for successful use is the material you want to print on: it should be porous/absorbent.

The ResMark 5000 is ideal for printing large fonts, codes and logos in high resolution (up to 300 dpi) up to a print height of 100 mm.

Examples are prints on typical secondary/tertiary packaging such as cardboard or wood.

What variants of the ResMark 5000 are available and which is the right one for my application?

The selection of variants of the ResMark 5000 is very simple.

The ResMark is available in 50 mm and 100 mm versions (print height of the single print head).

You can connect multiple print heads in the system – here you can connect up to 7 more print heads. The first system acts as the primary print head and controls all further actions on the secondary print heads.

So, there are only two questions to be asked:

  • How many print heads do I need in my application?
  • What print height(s) should the print head(s) have?

Our experts will be happy to advise you on this.

How to operate the ResMark 5000?

You can either operate the ResMark 5000 directly from a Windows based PC or you can operate the ResMark 5000 directly on the line using a control panel from our product range.

What else do I need to run my ResMark 5000?

Next to the printing system, we offer different types of installation on your line. We offer different types of stands, for example for fixing directly to your conveyor belt or for low-vibration floor mounting. We can discuss your requirements during an individual consultation.

Finally, you will need the right ink for your ResMark 5000. They are available from Diagraph in black, blue and red. The ink (ScanMark) has been specially developed for use in the ResMark 5000 and comes as a 0.5 litre cartridge included with each machine in the starter pack.

You can order more ink at any time through your personal sales contact.

I already have a large character Inkjet from another manufacturer in use – why should I switch to the ResMark 5000 from Diagraph?

The advantages of the ResMark 5000 from Diagraph are its robust technology. As Diagraph is part of the ITW Group, the Trident printing modules used come from a single source.

Our print modules are extremely durable, just like our print heads themselves. Thus, you will have no hassle due to unexpected system failures and consequently downtimes of your production.

With decades of experience in the field of large character inkjets, Diagraph relies on proven technology for the greatest possible cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, the ResMark 5000 comes with a native Nicelabel driver for your digital production. Make the switch and benefit from the digital possibilities for more efficient processes and secure labelling.

Let us assist you with our advice.

How can I see for myself the quality of ResMark 5000 in action?

There are many options here at Diagraph.

Would you like to see and touch your large character encoder print on your product and get an idea of the subsequent result? No problem – feel free to contact us and request a non-binding example print on your product.

Would you like to test the ResMark 5000 printer? No problem either – contact us and schedule an appointment at our facility or your premises to get to know all aspects of the device.

You want the actual scenario? Please feel free to install the device directly on your production line for an evaluation period before you decide to buy it.

What happens after I decide to buy a Diagraph ResMark 5000?

You have received an offer for printers, consumables and accessories and have decided to purchase after consulting your dedicated contact person at Diagraph.

Our technical service department will contact you latest by the next day so that we can arrange an installation date and time with you.

You can get the products before or on the agreed installation date, as required. At the appointment, the service technician integrates the unit into your production line and commissions it. After a personalized training, you can operate the device without any problems.

Videos about the ResMark 5000

Play Video

The Large Character Encoder ResMark 5000 in an animated film

Video of all the advantages of the new ResMark 5000

  • Sensors monitor the reliability of the system
  • Up to 8 print heads, can be combined
  • Connection via WLAN
  • Patented bayonet lock for quick print head replacement
Play Video

The large character encoder ResMark 5000 is remarkable

  • Remarkably easy
  • Remarkably reliable
  • Remarkably flexible
  • Remarkably efficient
  • Remarkably smart

Technical data

Daten Mark 2 Mark 4
Print heightUp to 51 mm (2")Up to 102 mm (4")
TechnologyPiezoelectric print module (Trident)Piezoelectric print module (Trident)
Printing speedUp to 90 m/minUp to 90 m/min
Print resolution (horizontal)Up to 300 dpi (selectable)Up to 300 dpi (selectable)
Print resolution (vertical)64 dpi64 dpi
Max. clearance from print head to product12 mm12 mm
Clearance from bottom edge to nozzles22 mm22 mm
Dimensions (height x width x depth)117 x 66 x 338 mm161 x 71 x 447 mm
Number of print heads per controllerUp to 8Up to 8
IP protection classIP65IP65
Print direction (standard)Horizontal print on product sideHorizontal print on product side
Print direction (special models)Vertical print to top side of product*Vertical print to top side of product*
Environmental conditions (operation)5–40°C / 5–80% RH5–40°C / 5–80% RH
Control and setup (HMI)Control via touch panel or PC possible
Control softwareNextControl software or NiceLabel
InterfacesEthernet, WiFi, I/Os
Standard print functionsBarcodes (UPC, GTIN, Code 128, etc.; Data Matrix, QR code); logos; time, date, user variables
InksScanMark (mineral oil-free)
Special functionsRecirculation (priming) Rinse cycle (print head cleaning)


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