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Want to get there fast and find the perfect printer for industrial labeling? Then please use the filter and search function of our product finder to get a systematic overview of high-performance printers that master their task in the context of industrial marking. Whether printing on cardboard, PET labeling, marking plastic or printing on plastic - with just a few clicks you can get the printing solution from Diagraph that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Use the filters or search to get the right solution for your purposes.

Filter options of the product finder

Please set filters in the following fields - both single and combined requests are possible:

- Packaging: Print directly on the product, on product repackaging/carton or on larger storage units/pallets.
- Material identification: plastic, cardboard/paper (coated and uncoated), metal, glass or wood.
- Surface: flat or uneven.
- Type of marking: date, lot numbers, texts, graphics/logos or barcodes.
- Line speed: up to 20 m/min, 50 m/min, 90 m/min or 120 m/min or at standstill.
- Marking height: up to 12 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm or greater than 100 mm.
- Communication requirement: with or without network connection.
- You can use the optional search field for targeted queries of your choice.

Solutions for direct product marking and package labeling

Due to the legal anchoring, the correct implementation of various industry labels is particularly important. Our proven product finder lists custom-fit answers for industrial labeling, for example:

- PET labeling: This process is done for plastic bottles, freezer bags, thin films and resistant chemical labels. Thermal transfer printers ensure high-resolution, robust and durable print quality in numerous companies and businesses.
- Plastic Marking / Plastic Marking: Printers like Diagraph's high-performance thermal transfer printers master the challenging plastic marking. With a print area up to 8 inches wide, they can print on plastic - consistently, accurately and extremely reliably.
- Marking cardboard: Large character printers are particularly suitable for absorbent packaging such as cardboard boxes or cartons. There they apply large logos, texts and barcodes in top quality.

Results window of the product finder

Our product finder, equipped with a search field and helpful filter options, lists industry-specific solutions for product labeling as well as for packaging labeling in the results field without wasting time. The Product Finder result display includes an image of the industrial printer, the name of the respective printing system, and a brief product description. You can view details or start an inquiry with a mouse click. If you are interested, you will immediately get to the respective offer.

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