The perfect printer for each substrate

Marking must work on a wide variety of substrate. With the marking and coding systems from Diagraph, you can easily and reliably mark all common packaging materials.

Pallet labelling

Most industrial manufacturers use labels to identify their pallets. One option is to use an identification system to print and apply labels. If this option is for you, choose our 100% electric label printer and applicator.

Marking labels

Labels are used in many industries to identify goods. Several marking systems are suitable for printing the labels.

Marking glass

Glass containers are mainly used in the beverage, food, and cosmetics industries. These can be coded cost-effectively and securely with ink.

Marking wood

Wood processing plants often have harsh working environments. Wood chips and dust contaminate the printing systems and make marking difficult. Diagraph inkjet printers are ideally suited for this environment.

Marking cardboard

Many goods are packaged in cardboard boxes that need to be marked. Options include printing directly on the cardboard boxes or applying labels to them.

Marking plastic

When marking plastic films, a durable and perfectly legible print image is essential. The print must not rub off and often has to contain a lot of information, so the size of the print image can be a key factor.

Marking metal

Processing of metals such as aluminum or steel involves harsh environments. Our marking systems function perfectly even under these challenging conditions.

Marking pulp

When coding pulp, large and clearly legible print images as well as minimal ink consumption are crucial. The Diagraph large character ink jet printer is ideal for this type of application.


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