Industry overview

Labeling made simple

In every industry, special challenges arise when labeling products, outer packaging or pallets. Diagraph helps you to mark all products easily and reliably. So that more and more customers are enthusiastic about your products.

Chemical Industry + Industrial Products

The requirements in the industrial sector are high and range from the harshest environmental conditions to production under clean room conditions.
Whether plastic parts, metal surfaces or printed circuit boards - Diagraph printing systems meet all requirements.
The result is perfect print images on all substrates and packaging types.

Beverage Industry

Legible product labeling is the be-all and end-all in the beverage industry.
Poorly or not at all marked products are unsaleable and must be recoded or even destroyed.
With Diagraph marking systems, you can reliably print legible codes, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Cosmetic industry + drugstore products

Manufacturers in the cosmetics industry are increasingly fighting against counterfeit products.
With Diagraph labeling systems, you print legible codes that enable complete product traceability.
This way you protect your company from product pirates and your customers from possible health risks.

Marking and labels for food

The cost pressure in the food industry is enormous.
Every penny counts when it comes to labeling, too.
Diagraph printing and labeling systems feature low operating costs and minimal maintenance.

Pallet production

Many pallet manufacturers still mark with branding stamps, which leads to high costs and inflexible workflows.
With our large character coder you can reduce costs, change the print image in seconds and increase your productivity.
Digitize your labeling and delight your customers.

Pharmaceutical industry

Manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly fighting against counterfeit products.
With Diagraph coding and marking systems, you can print legible codes for product traceability even at high cycle rates.
With perfect coding, you and your customers are on the tamper-proof side.


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