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Reliably coding cardboard boxes

Cartons coding

Labeling or printing - both have their advantages

Goods are often packed in a carton for shipping, which must also be labeled. Cartons can either be printed directly or have labels affixed to them.

Direct printing is more flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, as no labels are required.

The advantage of labeling is the excellent print quality due to thermal transfer printing and the particularly good legibility of the imprint, which is especially important for codes.

You will find out which marking is most suitable for your application in an initial discussion.

Advantages with Diagraph

What we offer

Advantages of direct printing

Low cost per print

Rugged equipment for dusty environments

Flexible print image sizes

Always a perfect print image thanks to automatic nozzle cleaning

Up to 100mm print image height for large imprints

Database connection

Advantages of labeling

Labeling on all materials

Flexible labeling without compressed air

Labels Printing and Donation

Precise labeling thanks to servo motors

Different dispensing systems for many applications

Labeling across corners

Product images

Various printing systems can be used for carton marking. You can see some examples here:

Our marking systems are suitable for many applications

Some examples

Shipping boxes


Jewelry boxes

Folding boxes

Coated cardboard

... and many more

Possible applications from practice

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Cartons printing

Printing on cartons is the standard application of the IJ4000. This is where it can make full use of its advantages. It marks cartons with product data, codes and logos in the highest quality and at high speed.

Download case study by Jürgen Langbein free of charge

This is what convinced premium sauce maker Jürgen Langbein of the IJ4000 large character printer

  • The print data comes directly from the merchandise management system
  • Direct printing is cheaper than labeling
  • High print image quality
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Print and donate just in time etchettes

Label printing dispensers enable printing and dispensing of labels in one operation and in exactly the right quantity.

Download case study free of charge

This is what convinced Feldsaaten Freudenberger of the PA7100 label printing dispenser

  • The print data comes directly from the merchandise management system
  • Quick change of location possible, as purely electric without compressed air
  • Suitable for dusty environment

What our customers say

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We have always been impressed with Diagraph's quality of service, and the new large character coders are exactly what I wanted.

Viktor Schäfer, Head of Labeling, Jürgen Langbein GmbH, Kaltenkirchen


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