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Thermal transfer printer Allen XL5000

The Allen XL5000 from Diagraph offers the perfect introduction to thermal transfer printing.

Thermal transfer printing – digital and flexible

Allen XL5000 – the introduction to digital product labeling

The XL5000 allows you to label products flexibly. It can easily handle frequent labeling changes and rapid production changeovers. Its strengths also include its large ribbon capacity, which results in very short downtimes. With its attractive price, the XL5000 offers industrial-grade labeling on a low budget.

atouch Lite Website 1200

Small and flexible

Operate your XL5000 printing system via the a:touch Lite control panel. This industrial-grade control panel with a touchscreen offers the possibility to control your printing system directly at the production line. Adjustments to the printer settings, changing the print image or querying and displaying the current status can easily be done via the panel.

We also offer other options for operating the XL5000. We will be happy to advise you personally in this regard.

Product advantages

Allen XL5000

Print area 55 x 80 mm

Intermittent or continuous operation

Large ribbon capacity

Short downtimes

Low installation height

Replacement of existing printing systems

Free print image design software a:design

Full range of functions, small price

What our customers say


The installation and commissioning of the devices ran smoothly. Due to the compact design of the printer, the XL5000 could be easily integrated into our existing labeling systems.

The XL5000 is a no-frills and reliable device. It is very low maintenance and rarely causes any problems.

After a little practice, uploading new print data to the XL5000 is a piece of cake. The transmission is simple and unproblematic.

Our machine operators and installers are very satisfied with the devices.

Markus Steingärtner, Coach Production, STABILO Production, Weißenburg

Allen XL5000 print examples

In industrial applications, thermal transfer printers are used for labeling foil, bags and sacks. You can see some examples here:

Frequently asked questions regarding the Allen XL5000

Do you have further questions? Find more information here.

Is the XL5000 the right printing system for my application?

If you want to print on smooth material such as a packaging foil, product labels or paper, then a thermal transfer printer is the right choice for you.

The XL5000 is suitable for printing fixed data such as logos, text and barcodes, but also for changing data such as expiration dates, batch numbers, barcodes or texts.

Examples of this are prints on packaging foil or labels.

In which variants is the XL5000 available and which variant is the right one for my application?

The XL5000 printing system supports both cycled and continuous printing. Which operating mode is right for you depends on your application.

If your machine stops for a short time after each product, you can print in intermittent mode.

If the material to be printed is always moving after the system is started, continuous printing is necessary.

The XL5000 printing system supports both printing modes and can be easily converted.

How can the XL5000 be operated?

We provide Windows-based operating software for the printing systems free of charge. This software can be used to control the printing system from an existing PC.

If operation on the line is required, we can offer you the a:touch Lite and TouchPro control panels. These enable direct control of the printing system.

How can I create a print image for the XL5000 system?

We offer you software for creating print images for our XL5000 printing systems free of charge (a:design). With this you can create, manage and send your print images to your printing systems.

Additionally, we provide drivers for all common print image design software on the market.

As an alternative, we also offer a Windows driver for our XL5000 printing system.

What do I need to integrate an XL5000 into my application?

In addition to the printing system, you require a suitable support with counter-printing plate or counter-printing roll to integrate the printhead. The material to be printed is guided along this counter-printing plate or roll. We offer different solutions for integration into your system depending on the application.

To operate the printing system, you need a suitable thermal transfer ribbon, which must be selected to fit your product. For this purpose, we offer you the possibility to select the suitable ribbon by means of sampling.

Can I replace my existing marking system with an XL5000?

The XL5000 printing system with its low installation height fits into almost any existing printing system support. Whether you want to replace an existing hot foil printing system with a digital solution or replace a thermal transfer printer, we have the right solution for you.

Get in touch with us, and we will be happy to review your application and discuss a replacement with you.

Can I see the quality of the XL5000 for myself?

Diagraph offers you many options.

You want to see the XL5000 print on your product, feel it and get an idea of the final result? No problem! Get in touch with us and request a non-binding sample print for your product.

You would like to test the XL5000? Also not a problem! Get in touch with us and make an appointment either at our or your premises to see the device up close.

You want to try out the printer under real conditions? Schedule a trial period to install the device directly on your production line before you decide on a purchase.

What happens after I decide to purchase an XL5000?

You have received a quotation for the printer, consumables and accessories and have decided to make a purchase after consulting with your personal Diagraph representative.

You will be contacted by our technical service no later than the following day so that we can arrange an installation date with you.

You will receive the products as requested before or on the agreed installation date. During the appointment, the service technician will install the device on the production line and put it into operation. After receiving instructions, you will be able to operate the device without any problems.

Technical data

Data Allen XL5000
Print area intermittent53 x 80 mm
Printing speed intermittent75 - 400 mm/sec
Cycling rate at a print image height of 5 mm450/min
Print area continuous53 x 300 mm
Printing speed continuous4.5 - 24 m/min
Print resolution300 dpi


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