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Businesses find powerful printers for industrial applications at Diagraph, systematically equipping goods and products with information in larger quantities. Whether it's Thermal Inkjet, Hot Foil Coding, Labeling Systems, or Large Character Printers – we provide the essential industrial printers as the ideal solution for numerous commercial requirements, and in top quality. Consumables and software solutions complete our extensive industrial printer offering at fair prices – all complemented by the consulting from a single source.

What are Industrial Printers?

Similar to categorizing furniture, printers are also differentiated between consumer and industrial quality. Industrial printers are printer models specifically designed and manufactured for use in demanding industrial environments. Specific examples include Thermal Transfer Printers, Continuous Inkjet, and Large Character Printers. Industrial printers for production plants or warehouses always meet several requirements:

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    Durability in demanding environments

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    Reliability/Operational duration

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    Print quality

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    Integration into production lines, adaptability

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    Economic efficiency

In summary, the term "industrial printer" – also often written as "industry printer" – acknowledges the high commercial demands of the industry through quality, reliability, and performance.

Diagraph's Printers: Products

The right industrial printer for every application: If you want to learn about our proven printers for the industry, the following sections provide a systematic overview of available technologies.

Large character printers

The optimal solution for marking on paper, wood, and cartons is large character printers. They are suitable for extensive print images from texts, logos, and barcodes up to a height of 100 mm.

Thermal Inkjet

The simplest inkjet printer for the industry: Thermal Inkjet is part of inkjet printing. During the printing process, the desired printed image is transferred contactlessly and precisely to the respective carrier medium via small ink droplets. Our TJ500 and TJ1000 printing systems are as quick to install as they are easy to handle, even with a low investment.

Continous Inkjet

Precise and fast product marking with low ink consumption. Continuous Inkjet printers create a high-quality printed image using the smallest ink droplets. As an exceptionally precise technology, applications on almost all surfaces such as packaging, bottles, or components are possible.


Thanks to their purely electrical drive, labeling systems act as a very precise and simultaneously economical labeling solution. Automatic label dispensers are very foolproof. Our industrial label printers serve to promptly apply affordable labels in extensive quantities to goods and packaging - perfect for product label printing.

Thermal transfer printers

Reliably perfect printed images on small and large surfaces – even with changing contents. Manufactured in German production, our thermal transfer printers impress with steadfastness and top print quality. They are among the best printers for the industry on the market.

Hot foil coders

The analogue coding system for the industry. As robust printers, the hot foil coders, proven for decades, are excellent for fast applications/cycle rates with up to 800 prints per minute.


Do you urgently need ink for industrial printers, thermal transfer foil, ribbon, or other consumables? Of course, we deliver standard items to you in the shortest possible time.

Software solutions / connectivity

Integration of industrial printers made easy – we advise you! Whether designing print images or efficiently managing labeling: Find the software solution that fits your situation perfectly for all areas of industrial product marking.

Print machinery: Laser, Inkjet, and Label Printers

  • Industrial inkjet printers are used in product manufacturing and show their strengths when productivity and efficiency in generating the printed image are prioritized. The quickly drying ink reliably prints on paper as well as plastic surfaces, packaging films, and cans.
  • Laser industrial printers stand for efficient performance; these devices score points with high speed and very low consumption, coupled with excellent output quality, for example, in generating barcodes.
  • Industrial label printers attach labels quickly and in large quantities to packaging. Whether fully automatic for marking large batches or semi-automatic for manageable quantities of goods in retail – high-quality industrial printing machines for labels ensure that goods are reliably labeled.

An Overview of Various Printing Technologies

The simplest classification of printing technologies consists in differentiating between analogue and modern digital methods. In analogue printing, a fixed printing form is used for the colour transfer to the printing target. Thus, direct contact characterizes the four analogue printing processes of letterpress, planographic printing, screen printing, and gravure printing.

In digital printing, a change took place during the 20th century: All print data is now transmitted directly from the computer to the printing machines – a printing form is no longer necessary. Within the scope of digital printing, several efficient and fast technologies have been established, as outlined above. For instance, laser printers – in contrast to inkjet printers – work with laser diodes and toner cartridges to transfer the information onto different materials. Inkjet printers, in turn, are divided into continuous printers (Continuous Inkjet) and On-Demand printers. Last but not least, durable thermal transfer printers carry out printing processes using heat. High-performance industrial printers achieve high speeds: They can label up to 400 packages per minute with information.

Industries and Applications for Industrial Printers

Modern industrial printers not only serve in large industries but also cover a comprehensive spectrum of applications. Grasp the application possibilities of the high-performance printers available here for the industry at a glance:


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    Food label printing and food labeling

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    Chemical Industry

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    Beverage Industry

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    Cosmetic Industry

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    Pallet Labelling

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    Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Warehouse Automation

Applications – Marking of:

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Which Solution is Right for Me?

Are you looking for an industrial printer with a laser, a high-performance industrial printer for labels, or another printing technology that seamlessly integrates into your production lines? Which solution is best suited for our customers depends on the specific requirements on-site: Relevant factors include the required print quality, the material to be printed, the existing infrastructure, batch size, speed, and cost. If you have questions, please use the following contact form. Alternatively, you can, of course, inform yourself about our business hours in the contact details below. Together and on an equal footing, we comprehensively clarify your concerns.

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