Warehouse automation and
Warehouse Automation

Optimize warehouse operations in a targeted manner with automation

Warehouse automation

Benefit from automated processes

With the automation of production in some industries acquires the basic,
technically supported and advanced storage technology is becoming increasingly relevant.
Warehouse automation is considered a central variable for making commercial processes not only
easier and more error-free, but at the same time safer and faster.
Diagraph therefore offers you automatic labeling systems and powerful
Industrial printer on. Find out more about the possibilities of warehouse automation here.

Occasions for automated warehousing

Many warehouses in the manufacturing industry are currently facing enormous logistical and economic challenges, which can be mastered or reduced by automated warehousing.

Qualified and motivated specialists are rare.

The variety of products is increasing.

Logistical processes are becoming increasingly complex.

In general, customer expectations have risen significantly.

Delivery time and flexibility are competitive factors of high relevance.

Automation in the warehouse saves time and money

To be competitive and profitable, identify processes in the warehouse with
Automation potential. Optimization through machines or technology saves time and
Money. Efficient automation with powerful printers, AI robotics and
various labeling systems enables reliable, fast and automatic
Labeling various products.

Warehouse Automation

Label dispenser and label printing dispenser

Labeling systems are ideally suited for warehouse automation, as they bring numerous advantages in warehousing and logistics. They have high efficiency and reliability and also integrate well in the context of automated warehouses. Below you will find an overview of our proven labelers:

Devices of the label printing dispenser type print in the first step
Blank labels with the required information. In contrast to
label dispensers a powerful printing module built into the device, whose
information can be defined individually by the user. After this
process, the system applies the created label exactly to the respective surface of the
product or the product packaging.

Label dispenser type models are used within the framework of machine
Product labeling for use. Your task in Warehouse Automation
consists of automatically applying labels to products, pallets, different
packaging or various containers. Both stationary and
mobile products on conveyor belts can be handled by the resilient machines with
Labels can be provided.

Warehouse automation with high-performance printers

From Diagraph

We carry solutions for all areas of industrial product marking.
For your company, you will find among the various high-performance printers with
Security the right printing system.

  • Large character printer: ideal for marking on paper, wood, cardboard; suitable for texts, logos, barcodes up to 100 mm high
  • Thermal inkjet printers: Popular and established in industry; TJ500 & TJ1000 require low investment, easy installation and handling.
  • Continuous Inkjet: Precise, fast product marking, low ink consumption; applications on eggs, bottles, packaging, automotive components.
  • Thermal transfer printer: Perfect print images on small/large areas; suitable for changing content; durability and top quality.
  • Hot stamping: Analog coding system for industry; robust for fast applications up to 800 prints/minute.

Software Nicelabel

Of central importance is the smooth integration of the printer into the respective
Network. Nicelabel software, distributed by Diagraph, does this job with flying colors. On the market, Nicelabel serves as a simple yet comprehensive labeling solution. The benefit of the software is to help companies of all sizes with label management. As support that can be integrated promptly and with only minimal IT effort, Nicelabel accompanies our customers through the complete development of the design of the labels right up to the final printing.

In which industries does warehouse technology play a decisive role?

In principle, the use of new or the optimization of already existing
Storage technology for all industries where storage processes take place on a regular basis.

Automotive industry

Food industry



Plant engineering / mechanical engineering

Pharmaceutical industry


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What are the costs of warehouse automation?

The effort and costs depend on the scope of the automated
warehousing, deciding which technologies to use (e. g. B.
robots), the size of the company and the respective business field. Nevertheless
It quickly became clear that the switch to modern storage technology with reduced
manual expense calls for operational investments that will pay off in the medium and long term.
profitable in the long term.

Warehouse automation

- the step into the future

Take the path to the future with Diagraph's high-performance industrial printers and labelers. Technically supported or optimized processes save time, ensure the quality of central processes and limit expenses. Do you have questions about automation in the warehouse, warehouse technology or warehouse automation - perhaps regarding implementation and costs? Then please use the contact options available here. We will be happy to clarify all your concerns.

Animierte Situation einer Lagerautomatisierung mit verschiedenen Akteuren.

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For us, no other device came into question, we are very satisfied with the label printing dispensers from Diagraph.

Dieter Dörken, Department Manager Small Packaging, Feldsaaten Freudenberger, Krefeld, Germany

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