Mark pallets quickly & cheaply?

Print instead of burn: with the EPAL-certified Diagraph IJ4000 large character coder - instead of using cost-intensive branding dies.

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  • You want to save costs?
  • You want to guarantee high print quality?
  • You want to print your pallets and save time?
  • You want to act environmentally friendly?

Then the Diagraph IJ4000 is just right for you!

Print instead of burn


Nahansicht des aufgebrannten EPAL Schriftzugs auf einer Palette
EPAL logo burned in


Detailansicht des aufgedruckten EPAL Schriftzuges
EPAL logo printed

Advantages of pallet printing over branding

High quality printing of barcodes, logos or texts

Improved occupational safety

No fire risk

Variable data printing

Time saving

Cost savings

No rejects due to faulty branding

Simultaneous printing on both sides

Resistant printing systems

What our customers say


In the past, the labeling on our pallets was often poorly legible and we had a lot of waste.

Since we started using Diagraph printers, every pallet gets a perfect print image and we have been able to reduce our costs in labeling by 50%.

Ingo Mönke, Chairman of the Board PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG


The production process has improved significantly:
Increased production, higher quality, zero waste and avoidance of downtime during job changes,
as these are now immediate, safe and reliable.

Pablo Blanco, Managing Director of Embalajes Blanco, Murillo de Río Leza, Spain

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See our pallet printer in use

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Replace branding iron and print pallets

In the marking of EPAL pallets, speed and maximum precision are essential in an environment that is not suitable for most conventional printers.

The IJ4000 masters this task to perfection.

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