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In the standard range, you can choose between different font heights. You make the composition of letters and numbers - according to your requirements. Our specialists have compiled the most important accessories for you.

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You will receive items from the standard program within 5 days.

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All type holders and types are manufactured for you by an ISO-9001 certified company in Germany.

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What our customers say

bakery reichle logo

We have been using the Allen hot stamper in our bakery since 2001 and it has never failed.
Now when it needed to be repaired, I got a loaner unit within a day.
I loved the quick help!

Armin Reichle, Reichle Bakery, Bietigheim

Technical data

Typenart T-Fuß-Typen O-Typen Gerade Typen
Font height1,5 - 4 mm1.5 - 1.8 mm1.5 - 2.8 mm
Line length up to50 mm40 mm50 mm
max. Number of lines5510
Line spacing4,5 mmfreely selectablefreely selectable
Spring clampingyesyesyes
Standard lockingyesyesyes
Effort for changehighmediumlow
Secure mountingVery safeVery safesecure
Übliche Branchen
Shipping logisticsyes-yes
Packaging filmsyes-yes

Your types are not included? We will be happy to help you find the right types!
Please contact us at 0931 250760 or via our contact form.

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