Large character printer ResMark 5000

The ResMark 5000 sets new standards in the digitization of package labeling. It impresses with perfect print images, maximum availability and sustainable design.

ResMark 5000 - remarkably good large character printing

Perfect print image

The ResMark 5000 is designed to print high-resolution print images on porous surfaces such as cardboard, plaster, cellulose or wood. With its robust design, the ResMark 5000 is ideal for use in harsh environments such as dairy production facilities.

Texts, codes and graphics with a print image height of up to 100 mm per print head (up to 8 print heads) and a resolution of up to 300 dpi are possible.

And at significantly lower cost than conventional labeling.

Nutraceutical 2 Small
MBP 0990

Maximum availability

After installation, the printer is ready to start immediately and production can begin. The ink recirculation system
always ensures bubble-free ink and thus perfect print images right from the start.

In dusty environments, the automatic flushing function always keeps the print head clean, guaranteeing optimum print results.

In addition, the spring-back mount prevents damage to the print head due to collisions with the products.

The large print gap of up to 12 mm significantly reduces dust contamination of the printhead, maximizing availability.

Sustainable construction

The ResMark 5000 impresses with its mineral oil-free ink and durable components. Scan-Mark ink is certified for use in the food industry, and empty ink cartridges can simply be disposed of in the residual waste.

Should the stainless steel printhead ever need repair, it can be easily exchanged for a backup system using the patented bayonet lock. The print head is cleaned by us and can be used again.

MBP 0999

Digitized marking

The printer obtains the print images either directly from the merchandise management system, a connected PC or an external controller.

There are many different ways to integrate the ResMark 5000 into your production line, including via WLAN.

The network connection can be made via Diagraph's NextConnect software or directly via Loftware Nicelabel.

Talk to us about the possibilities in your application. Many special solutions for your customized project are also possible with our large character coder. We will also be happy to advise you on the possibilities of barcode verification.

Product advantages

Large character printer ResMark 5000

Immediately ready for use with perfect print result

Cost advantage over labeling

Print image height up to 100 mm per printhead

Up to 8 printheads cascadable

Environmentally friendly thanks to mineral oil-free ink

Sustainable due to durable, repairable components

Robust printhead protected by spring-back mount

Printing with a gap of up to 12 mm

Automatic printhead cleaning, thus maximum availability

Quick printhead change thanks to patented bayonet lock

Network connection via Nicelabel


Printing examples large character printer ResMark 5000

In industry, large character printers are often used in packaging labeling. You can see some examples here:

Frequently Asked Questions about the ResMark 5000 Large Character Printer

Do you have further questions? Here you can find more details.

Is the ResMark 5000 large character printer right for my application?

With the ResMark 5000, the first requirement for successful use is the material you want to print on: it should be porous/absorbent.

The ResMark 5000 is ideally suited for printing large fonts, codes and logos in high resolution (up to 300 dpi) up to a print height of 100 mm.

Examples include prints on typical secondary/tertiary packaging such as cardboard or wood.

In which variants is the ResMark 5000 available and which is the right one for my application?

The variant selection of the ResMark 5000 is very simple.

The ResMark is available as 50 mm and 100 mm version (print height of the single printhead).

You can connect multiple printheads in the system - here you can connect up to 7 more printheads. The first system acts as the primary printhead and controls all other actions on the secondary printheads.

In the network, only two questions arise:

  • How many printheads do I need in my application?
  • What print height(s) should the printhead(s) have?

Our experts will be happy to advise you on this.

How can the ResMark 5000 be operated?

You can either operate the ResMark 5000 directly from a Windows-based, existing computer or you can operate the ResMark 5000 directly on the line through a control panel from our product range.

What else do I need to run my ResMark 5000?

Besides the printing system, we offer different types of installation on your line. Here we have different stand variants in the offer, eg. for fixing directly to your conveyor belt or for low-vibration floor mounting. During an individual consultation we can clarify your requirements.

Lastly, you will need the right ink for your ResMark 5000. You can get them from Diagraph in black, blue and red color variants. The ink (ScanMark) was developed specifically for use in the ResMark 5000 and comes as a 0.5 liter cartridge with each device in the starter package.

You can order additional ink at any time through your personal sales contact.

I already have a large character printer from another manufacturer in use - why should I switch to Diagraph's ResMark 5000?

The benefits of Diagraph's ResMark 5000 lie in its robust technology. Diagraph's affiliation with the ITW Group means that the Trident printing modules used come from a single source.

Our print modules are extremely durable, just like our print heads themselves. As a result, you have no hassle due to unexpected system failures and thus downtimes of your production.

With decades of experience in large character printers, Diagraph relies on proven technology for the greatest possible cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, the ResMark 5000 comes with a native Nicelabel driver for your digital production. Make the switch and benefit from the digital possibilities for more efficient processes and secure labeling.

Let us advise you.

How can I convince myself "live" of the quality of the ResMark 5000?

There are many options here at Diagraph.

You would like to see your large character coder print on your product, touch it and get an idea of the later result? No problem - feel free to contact us and request a no-obligation sample print on your product.

You would like to test the ResMark 5000 printer? No problem either - contact us and make an appointment at our or your premises to get to know the device from all sides.

You want the real scenario? Feel free to arrange a test period to install the device directly on your production line before you decide to purchase.

What happens after I decide to purchase a Diagraph ResMark 5000?

You have received a quote for printers, supplies and accessories and decide to purchase by consulting with your personal Diagraph representative.

You will be contacted by our technical service no later than the following day so that we can arrange an installation appointment with you.

You will receive the products as requested before or on the agreed installation date. At the appointment, the service technician integrates the device into your line and puts it into operation. After personal instruction, you can operate the device without any problems.

Videos about the ResMark 5000

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ResMark 5000 prints cheaply and cleanly at Schrozberg Dairy

"We are very satisfied with the ResMark 5000. The days of ink stains on the floor are over, the printer works very cleanly, is easy to operate and the print image is perfect. It also eliminates the need for manual cleaning of the print head, as the printer has an automatic cleaning function."

Tatjana Yahr, Schrozberg Dairy

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ResMark 5000 in animation film

All advantages of the new ResMark 5000 in the video

  • Sensors monitor the reliability of the system
  • Up to 8 print heads can be combined
  • Connection via WLAN
  • Patented bayonet lock for fast printhead replacement
Play Video

The ResMark 5000 is remarkable

  • Remarkably simple
  • Remarkably reliable
  • Remarkably flexible
  • Remarkably efficient
  • Remarkably intelligent

Technical data

Daten Mark 2 Mark 4
Druckhöhebis zu 51 mm (2")bis zu 102 mm (4")
TechnologiePiezoelektrisches Druckmodul (Trident)Piezoelektrisches Druckmodul (Trident)
Druckgeschwindigkeitbis zu 90 m/minbis zu 90 m/min
Druckauflösung (horizontal)bis zu 300 dpi (wählbar)bis zu 300 dpi (wählbar)
Druckauflösung (vertikal)64 dpi64 dpi
Max. Druckkopfabstand zu Produkt12 mm12 mm
Totraum Unterkante - Düsenreihe22 mm22 mm
Abmessungen (H x B x T)117 x 66 x 338 mm161 x 71 x 447 mm
Anzahl Druckköpfe pro Controllerbis zu 8bis zu 8
IP SchutzartIP65IP65
Druckerorientierung (Standard)Horizontaler Druck auf ProduktseiteHorizontaler Druck auf Produktseite
Druckerorientierung (Sondermodelle)Vertikaler Druck auf Produktoberseite*Vertikaler Druck auf Produktoberseite*
Umweltbedingungen (Betrieb)5 - 40 °C / 5 - 90 % rF5 - 40 °C / 5 - 90 % rF
Steuerung und Setup (HMI)Steuerung über Touch Bedienpanel oder PC möglich
SteuerungssoftwareNext Control Software oder Nicelabel
SchnittstellenEthernet, WLAN, I/Os
Standard DruckfunktionenBarcodes (UPC, GTIN, Code 128 etc. Datamatrix, QR-Code), Logos, Zeit-, Datums-, User-Variablen
TintenScanMark (mineralölfrei)
SpezialfunktionenRezirkulation (Priming) Spülzyklus (Druckkopfreinigung)


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