Equipment for rent

Quick help for production

Rapid assistance in the event of production downtime

Loan devices via express shipping

When your plant is at a standstill because a pressure system is not working, you need a quick solution.

We are manufacturers ourselves and understand your concerns. At Diagraph, we help you get your system up and running again quickly.

With our proven rental equipment program.

All common printing systems are available from us at short notice as rental equipment, including express delivery on request.

This is how easy it is to get a loaner

1. you call us or send an e-mail
2. we will send you the appropriate rental device as quickly as possible
3. your production is running at full speed again

Send us your rental equipment request to [email protected] or call 0931 25076 911.

Avoid prolonged system downtime. With our rental equipment, you can get back into production quickly.

What our customers say

bakery reichle logo

We have been using the Allen hot stamper in our bakery since 2001 and it has never failed.
Now when it needed to be repaired, I got a loaner unit within a day.
I loved the quick help!

Armin Reichle, Reichle Bakery, Bietigheim


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