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Marking pallets in a contemporary way

30. August 2023 // Werner Schicks

A step towards digitizing the supply chain was taken at Palettenservice Hamburg in Wismar at the beginning of 2020. The pallets are no longer marked with branding irons, but are marked in the production process with industrial-grade inkjet printers. This is done using a Diagraph IJ4000 large character coder with two print heads permanently mounted on either side of the production line, which print on the pallet blocks as they pass by. Thus, the EPAL logo and the IPPC marking are applied.

The advantages of printing on pallets

Direct printing on pallets offers customers many advantages over using conventional branding irons.

  • Direct printing is done with high contrast and best print quality, there is no waste due to faulty branding.
  • The elimination of start-up and changeover times and the pressure in the production flow saves time and increases productivity. The 30-minute ramp-up at the start of the shift is no longer necessary, as the printer is ready for operation immediately after being switched on.
  • The cost per print is also about 50% less than branding. The cost of electricity is negligible compared to the consumption of 6 3 KW stamps.
  • The printing of variable data, barcodes, logos or texts is possible without any problems and enables the fast and uncomplicated individualization of the pallets even for small quantities.
  • Last but not least, the risk of fire is reduced and occupational safety is increased, which also has a positive effect on insurance premiums.

Large character printer IJ4000 certified by EPAL

The IJ4000 has been certified by EPAL (European Pallet Association) for pallet labeling. With its patented design of corrosion-resistant steel is very resistant to shock and vibration on the production line. It enables large-area printing with perfect size for marking pallets with up to 100 mm print height. Two print heads connected to a central control and ink supply allow simultaneous printing on both sides of the pallet.

The printer is optimally adapted to the conditions of pallet production, as the printing distance of up to 12 mm reduces dust deposits. An automatic cleaning system for the print head also regularly removes dust and wood debris to ensure consistently high print quality.

More about pallet marking.

Enthusiasm with the customer

With the IJ4000, pallet manufacturers can meet all their customers’ labeling needs.

Ingo Mönke, Chairman of the Board at PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG

Ingo Mönke (CEO at PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG) is enthusiastic about the performance of the IJ4000.

“The IJ4000 has completely convinced me with its advantages over branding irons.

Our sales manager particularly likes the excellent print quality.

Our production team appreciates the quick operational readiness after switching on the device! “

(Ingo Mönke)

See the VIDEO here.

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