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Hot foil coder Allen S-Compact

Proven for decades.
Countless satisfied customers.
Designed for highest cycling rates.
Reliable operation, even under the toughest conditions.

The best hot foil coding system on the market.

Hot foil coder Allen S-Compact

Reliable and robust

Since the introduction of labeling requirements for packaging, hot foil coding systems offer a reliable solution. The S-Compact systems are technically mature, reliable and robust, which they prove on a daily basis even at the highest cycling rates.
They are particularly suitable for labeling applications where the print is rarely switched. To this day, hot foil coders are the ideal solution for applying a date or graphic. The result is printed images of the highest quality at low cost.

Hot foil coder
Print sample S-Compact

Product advantages

Allen S-Compact

Robust and reliable

No software required

Coding without color ribbon possible

Very high cycling rates possible

Print area up to 50 x 30 mm

Optimum print quality

Allen S-Compact print examples

In industrial applications, hot foil coders are used for labeling with fixed data or graphics. Blind embossing without a ribbon is also possible. You can see some examples here:

What our customers say

baeckerei reichle logo

We have been using the Allen hot foil coder in our bakery since 2001 and it has never broken down until recently.
When it needed repairing, I received a loan device within a day.
I appreciate the quick help!

Armin Reichle, Reichle bakery, Bietigheim

Frequently asked questions regarding the Allen S-Compact

Do you have further questions? Find more information here.

Is the Allen S-Compact the right printing system for my application?

You require a system to label your products where the print is changed only rarely, e.g. once a day. This system should be easy to operate, reliable, and affordable.

If intermittent printing is to be applied on foil, product labels or other smooth surfaces, then the hot foil coding technology is right for you.

How is the print image created with a hot foil coder?

Our hot foil coding systems use type holders on which the texts or graphics to be printed are applied using types or stereotypes and engravings.

These type holders are heated in the printing system and pressed against the surface to be printed by a pneumatic cylinder. Pressure and heat are used to apply the ink to the product from the hot foil ribbon located between the type holder and product.

What do I need to integrate an Allen S-Compact into my application?

In order to integrate an Allen S-Compact printing system into your application, you require the hot foil coding system as well as a support with counter-printing plate. To operate the printer, a 230 V power supply and a pneumatic connection are required.

For the desired imprint, type holders and types for text and numbers, as well as stereotypes for the corresponding graphics are also needed.

Hot foil ribbons are necessary for printing, which we offer in different colors and widths to suit your print.

Can I see the quality of the Allen S-Compact for myself?

Diagraph offers you different options.

You want to see the Allen S-Compact print on your product, feel it and get an idea of the final result? No problem! Get in touch with us and request a non-binding sample print for your product.

You would like to test the Allen S-Compact printer? Also not a problem! Get in touch with us and make an appointment either at our or your premises to see the device up close.

You want to try out the printer under real conditions? Schedule a trial period to install the device directly on your production line before you decide on a purchase.

What happens after I decide to purchase an Allen S-Compact?

You have received a quotation for the printer, consumables and accessories and have decided to make a purchase after consulting with your personal Diagraph representative.

You will be contacted by our technical service no later than the following day so that we can arrange an installation date with you.

You will receive the products as requested before or on the agreed installation date. During the appointment, the service technician will install the device on the production line and put it into operation. After receiving instructions, you will be able to operate the device without any problems.

Technical data

DataAllen S-Compact
Print areaMax. 50 x 30 mm
Print performanceUp to 800 prints / min.
Printing time0.01 – 1.0 sec (in increments of one ms)
Dimensions (H x W x D)200 x 198 x 142 mm
Hot foil ribbon dimensionsWidth max. 52mm; length max. 305 m; Ø max. 96 mm
Temperature (variable)70 °C - 210 °C
Compressed air consumptionMax. 72 l/min
Power supply110 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Signal inputs / outputsPrint signal, end of hot foil ribbon, end of hot foil ribbon advance warning, digital temperature control

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