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Label printing dispensers help Feldsaaten Freudenberger save time

10. May 2021 // Werner Schicks

Diagraph label printing-dispensing systems can handle increasing demand

Especially in the Corona period, the demand for seeds has increased sharply as people spend more time with their own gardens. Seed producer Feldsaaten Freudenberger packs tons of seed mixtures every day at its Krefeld facility, including for DIY and garden centers and discounters.

Labels are printed “just in time” and donated

All seed packages must have a label indicating the exact composition of the contents. Until recently, all labels were pre-printed with tabletop printers and then dispensed onto cartons via labeling systems. This was time-consuming and very inflexible. Label printing dispensers from Allen Coding have now been in use for a few months. These allow the labels to be printed and dispensed in one operation and in just the right quantity.

Data connection to the merchandise management system avoids errors

The labeling systems are controlled centrally and there is no data input on the system. The print data for the labels comes directly from the merchandise management system, in which hundreds of recipes are stored. Since the composition of the seed mixtures also changes with each batch, this avoids labeling errors.

The use of the pressure-dispensing systems leads to significant time savings

Dieter Dörken, head of the small packaging department at Feldsaaten Freudenberger, is very satisfied with the new print-dispense systems: “In the past, all labels were printed on table printers in an extra printer room. If a few too few labels were then pre-produced, the entire packaging line was at a standstill until the labels were reprinted and inserted into the labeler. With the new Diagraph equipment, that no longer happens, saving us a lot of time.”

Diagraph pressure dispensing systems operate purely electrically, without compressed air

Another advantage is the flexibility of the pressure-dispensing systems. Since they do not require a compressed air connection, they can be connected very quickly and also moved from line to line. All it takes is a power connection and the devices are ready for use.

Suitable for dusty environment

The environmental conditions on the packaging line are very challenging, the air is very dusty and the temperatures vary greatly with the seasons. The pressure-dispensing systems cope with this perfectly and without any loss of quality.

Diagraph thermal transfer printers also in use

The labeling systems are not the only Diagraph printing systems at Feldsaaten Freudenberger. The tubular bags for seeds are also marked on 4 packaging machines with Allen thermal transfer printers. The print data comes from the same database as for the labeling systems.

The next packaging line is already planned

Following its successful deployment, the new packaging line, which will be installed shortly, will again be equipped with a pressure-dispensing system from Allen Coding. “For us, no other device came into question; we are very satisfied with the Diagraph pressure dispensers,” Dieter Dörken comments.

About Feldsaaten Freudenberger

Feldsaaten Freudenberger, a company based in Krefeld, Germany, has been trading and processing seeds since 1948. Shortly after the war, the thought of a promising product took center stage – and fell on the seed. Securing food supplies was elementary at the time of reconstruction and remains so today.

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